Turning Your Pain Into Purpose

The pain that we keep locked inside of us doesn't remain buried; it comes out of us through our choices and relationships.

I can't tell you how many foolish choices I can look back on and see unresolved pain forcing me to make the wrong decision.

I'm sad to admit that I've had both platonic and romantic relationships that were the product of lingering hurts, triggering my impulses to give so much of myself when it wasn't healthy to do so.

And it was really just because I wanted to be wanted by someone... anybody! Knowing they were absolutely the wrong one. Some of you may be able to relate to this.

You can look over your shoulder and see a string of past choices and interactions that you're not proud of. Yet, at the heart of those decisions was the expectation that you would find the warmth, protection, and affirmation you needed.

That new house you've purchased in an attempt to impress people, but you can't afford it, so it just foreclosed. The person you gave your heart to despite the indications that they weren't going to be committed. The old friend you hooked up with, when you and your spouse got into a fight.

I want to grab this opportunity to say that no matter what you have done as a result of your unresolved pain or, and no matter how much embarrassment you have endured because of it, you are never beyond restoration. I'm living proof!

We have immediate and clear access to the power of liberation; the power to create a new story for our lives!

Just for Today:

Take this time to sit with self and receive healing by speaking, or journaling, the ways your pain may have directed your decisions and relationships. Be completely honest with yourself about EVERYTHING you've done.

This exercise is for your benefit; to finally admit where you need healing.

Meditate on This:

Divine Creator, I need you to fix the broken pieces of my heart that caused me to make irresponsible decisions. I want to live a life that is meaningful, both public and private. Ase.

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